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News of the new album ‘Ayam Hayati’.

Samira Said

Samira Said

The new album ‘Ayam Hayati’ (Days of my life), it will be on markets probably tomorow! This album includes 14 breath-taking tracks spearheaded by the massive hits “Aw’am Keda, Hob May’os Menoh, Ad El Kelma”, other prime cuts include “ Al Fadl Yargaalak, Nafsy Atkalem” a very catchy crossover R&B track, & up beat pop tracks such as “Eyounek Oudaami, Shaat El Zourof” plus many more. 

>Titles Tracks;

1.  Awa’m Keda  
2.  Hob May’os Menoh
3.  Ad El Kelma
4.  Ana Kateer Alik
5.  Al Fadl Yargaalak
6.  Nafsy Atkalem
7.  Eyounek Oudaami
8.  Shaat El Zourof
9.  Wana Maak
10.  Mestahmelak Ana
11.  Kefaaya Keda
12.  Mayhmnesh Bokra
13.  Leha’t Ezay
14.  Ayaam Hayati

-The new clip ‘Hob may’os meno’ is on the arabic Tv’s since Sunday and will be a great surprise for all the peoples & fans!
-Samira Said go in Turkey for make a new video for the song ‘Nafsy Atkalem’!

‘Aw’am Keda’ song is launched on Radio al Emarat, you can download it here;

>> Aw’am keda / full song from Radio.

Stay tuned for more news on SamiraDaily.Com



  Saad wrote @

waaaaw very nice!!! thank you much!

Saad from Morocco

  mostafa wrote @

Where The Album

I am Waiting It All The Night

I Can’t Sleep

  Ahmed Fawzy wrote @

today thursday 17/7.. album not release yet !!

  Ahmed Fawzy wrote @

samira sa3id now available in emirates markets.. mabroooooooooook 😉

  hazem wrote @

هاي انا حبيت كتير الكليب بجد اكتر من رائع وسميرة دا مش غريب عليها هيا دايما بتفاجئنا بحاجات مختلفه وان شاء الله الالبوم يكون حلو سميرة مبرووووك

  Dina wrote @

مبروووووووووووووووووك سميرة 🙂

  mido maroc wrote @

je t’adore samira tu es vraiment super merci beaucoup et bonne chance

  hafida wrote @

hi i’m hafida ur album and clips ur very beautiful yu r the best samoura u r our diva arabic

  sura wrote @


  sami very urgent important wrote @

sami very urgent so all wha you have to do is to go to this link and now u can vote for samira 999999999999999999time
! so all what you have to do is to delete the cookies in your computer after each vote ! it’s so easy ! so please vote for samira more than 800 times !
you go to this link and you will vote for here and after that goo to delete the cookies and after go to vote to your favourite song and after choose hob mayoos meno for samira said and vote do this more than 10 times you can do it as i’said 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times thank you friends

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