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Samira won a Middle Eastern Music Award!

New Award!

New Award!

Yesterday, after the ‘Rabab d’ Or’, Samira Said had won a ‘Middle Eastern Music Award’ for the best sellers music in Egypt.
Continues to buy the new album of Samira Said ‘Ayam Hayati’ that’s just the debut!!

Exclusively on SamiraDaily.Com , the video of Flash-News with Samira’s appearence,

Samira: ‘I am very happy for this award and I want to thank all the peoples support me and organizers’
Journalist: ‘You postponned long time for the album’
Samira: ‘I have finaly released the album now stooop (laugh)’
Journalist: ‘ All this time will be process?’
Samira: ‘In the life will be always processings, but i was make some interviews you see next time and you understand why the release will be late… but thank god now he make a nice award’
Journalist: ‘ Congrats for all!’
Samira: ‘Thanks’

>New links for buy the album are added on ‘Ayam Hayati’  Section.

> VOTE for Samira Said’s new single ‘Hob May’os Meno’ on Filfan.Com , she is the first! Vote every day!



  Mo wrote @

I bought 2 CDs of Ayam Hayati.
I’m going to buy a third one !

I love this album.
My favorite songs :
– Awaam Keda
– Ad el Kelma
– El Fadl Yrgaalak
– Shaat ek Zorouf
– Wana Maak
– Mestehmelak Ana
– Ayaam hayati

  mohsen18 wrote @

البوم جامد جدا
واجمد ما فيه انه بصوت الملكه سميره سعيد اللي علمتنا الحب والقوه وحب الحياه وعلمت كل المطربات التانين الغنى
وفيه تجديد ما شوفتهوش في اي البوم تاني
Go ahead samira

  heba mahgoub wrote @

استنانا الالبوم كتير والحمد للة طلع يستاهل الانتظار ودائما الفنانة الكبيرة سميرة سعيد معودنا على كل ج
ديد وجميل بكل الحب شكرا سميرة

  Ahmed Magdi wrote @

الحمد لله التكريم الاخير اكبر رد على المشككين فى قدرة سميرة على المنافسة على الميوزك اوردز و ده اقل هدية لسميرة بعد غياب 3 سنين و نص

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