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News Updates in 2009!

Samira Said

Samira Said

Firstly Happy new Year 2009 to all the fans of Samira Said, and all wishes for this new year!
There are much news of the Diva theses last times, and that was too her ANNIVERSARY the 10th January and all the staff wish to Samira Happy Birthday and more love, success, happiness…

>When Samira was back in Morocco in December 2008 for the concert of LAAYOUNE she was make a conference press and talked about diverses projects like the featuring with Elam. Jay and a new solo song where she sing in Moroccan Dialect and the subject of the song is Morocco and Moroccans! (…)
She was talked too about the next videoclip from the album Ayam Hayati, and that’s probably the song ‘Awaam Keda’, the video will be recorded in the winter 2009.

Press Morocco

Press Morocco

>Samira will be the guest of MAWAZINE FESTIVAL 2009 in Rabat / Morocco and that will be a concert Live of Samira with a cocktail of classics and the new songs! 

>Samira was the last days in Casablanca / Morocco for the record of a musical program in 2M Channel! That will be a program just for Samira Said and she sing more of songs includes 4 new songs from ‘Ayam Hayati’ album, that’s the first musical apparition after the release of the new album and will be broadcasted soon on the channel…

Here photos from 2M Studios;

2M Studios 2009

2M Studios 2009

2M Studios 2009

2M Studios 2009

 Source; Nouhad – SamiraDaily Team.



  ghouzlani wrote @

at last we can find news about samira after her unbierable disappearance .thank you for this good news .i think the show will be on the 20 th anniversary of 2m.i so eager to see it

  el mourabite souad wrote @

Ciao.J’aime bien la photo de samira sur scene avec le robe dorèè,a UAE (Abu dabii),elle est jolie, manifique,avec 1 visage ravissant et gai.

  abdel wrote @

je me demande quand est ce que nous aurons l’occasion de voir cette soirée a abu dhabi sur une chaine tv

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