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Samira Said the best Artist of the year 2008!

Artist of 2008

Artist of 2008

Samira Said was for the peoples in internet the best artist of the year 2008!
Actually on the site of ALRAYNEWS.COM 10.607 peoples voted for Samira Said in the Category Artist and she is now the best artist of the year 2008 in the Arabic World.
Then on the site of ‘Stars Café’ more peoples voted and she is the best artist in more categories like;

-The Best Album (Ayam Hayati)
-The Best Female Singer
-The Best Video Clip (Hob Mayous)
-The Best Song (Hob Mayous)

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  wadie wrote @

im so proud of samira nd i beleive that she deserves more than this!,she was always different nd she is big time unique!she knows how to surprise her fans by pushing boundaries nd keep us wanting more!i just love her !not because im BIG fun of her that im saying that but ayam hayati is really the best album ive never heard, i feel sorry that not so many people know about her album i think the advertisement was quit poor nd even her clip is not really popular in the arabic world because the only channel u can watch it is mazzika which is crab!i wishshe willl switch to rotana at least in rotana im sure they gonna take care of the commercialisation of the album nd clips!je tadore smoura!

  ghouzlani wrote @

you deserve it really ,congratulations i was one of the voters .and i share the same point of view with
wadie the album even if was not well commercialized it is one of the most popular in the arabic region .believe it or not till now i can’t find it in moroccan stores

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