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Vote for Samira in the MEMA awards!

MEMA 2009

MEMA 2009

The votes for MEMA (Middle Eastern Music Awards) for the best singers of the year 2008 are opened! You can from now vote for Samira in the MEMA awards, the last year she had win an ‘Appreciation’ Award and the best female singer was Elissa.

Vote in this page;

In this, make your email then make in theses categories;

Best Female Singer: Samira Said
Best Rising Female Singer: Samira Said
Best Album: Ayam Hayati
Best Song: Hob Mayous Meno
Best Video Clip: Hob Mayous Meno

For the others categories make just ‘None‘ then click on ‘SUBMIT VOTE’ and then you receive an email and clik on the link in the email and that’s OK.
The votes will be closed in MARCH 2009! You have all the month of February for voting!

Here other photos of The MEMA awards of the last year with Samira’s appearence!

MEMA 2008

MEMA 2008

MEMA 2008

MEMA 2008

MEMA 2008

MEMA 2008




  adil el jaouhari wrote @

she is the best.

  adiba wrote @

you guys need to add ART voting

  adiba wrote @

you guys doing a great job
i love that thanks

  samiradailydotcom wrote @

Thanks to u Adiba! We work for you and for all the peoples like Samira!


  alem wrote @

i vote for samira

  Zac1000 wrote @

Samira is not the best ,,,,
She is the ONLY STAR shining in the sky ,,,
She is the Best of the Best of the BEST

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