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Archive for March, 2009

Samira on TARATATA program this week!



Samira Said was in Lebanon last Wednesday for the record of the program ‘Taratata’ of DUBAI TV Channel!
The program will be broadcasted on the Tv next days.

Here Exclusively photos from the recording;

samira said  Samira Said  samira said
samira said  samira said  samira said
samira said  samira said  samira said

Source & Credits;  Nidal & Dj Michel / SamiraSaid.Tv


Samira in the last issue of ‘Stars Cafe’ Magazine.

Stars Café
Stars Café

Samira Said was interviewed in the last issue of the “Stars Café” magazine, Samira was the best female singer of the year 2008 in them survey, new photos and interview in this last issue. 


samira said  samira said  Samira Said
stars4  stars5  stars6
stars7  stars8


Samira’s appearence on 2M TV [Videos]



This Saturday Samira Said was the guest of the program ‘Sahran Maak Aleyla’ on 2M channel / Morocco.
She talked about the new album ‘Ayam Hayati’, her changing styles, during the program Samira commented some old photos (where she was a child, with the singer Aziza Jalal,with Cheb Khaled…).

Samira talked about the duet with the Moroccan group of Rap ‘H-Kayne’ , they send an instrumental by mail to Samira and she liked it much but at this time they don’t choosed the theme of the song for begin the work…



At the end of the program, the presenter Imad Ntifi ask a question to Samira; ‘Why did you do advertisings after this great and long career?’
She said, artists in the world today are in trouble because of piracy on the Internet, people don’t buying CDs and for that, artists have other opportunities to offset, in particular by sponsoring (advertises) and concerts.

During the program, Samira sang 4 songs; ‘Hob Mayous meno’, ‘Nefssy Atkalem’, ‘El Fadl Yergaalak’,’Awaam Keda’.

Finally She thanked all the fans and she is always happy to return to Morocco and Morocco is  always in her heart and She will make very soon a new song in Moroccan and also a  Video-Clip in Morocco too why not!

>Here the videos;

Awaam Keda

Hob Mayous Meno

El Fadl Yergaalak

Nefssy Atkalem

Part1Part2Part3Part 4Part 5

Source; Review and Recorded by SamiraDaily.Com

Samira in a Music Show this Saturday on 2M TV! [Video]

2M Channel

2M Channel

The program of the Moroccan channel 2M, ‘Sahran Maak Aleyla’ where Samira was for the record few months ago, will be aired this Saturday 07 March 2009.
The Promotion is now aired on the Channel and in it we can see Samira in the songs ‘Awaam Keda’ and ‘El fadl Yergaalak’.
That’s the first TV- Music Show for Samira Said in the promotion of the new album ‘Ayaam Hayati’!

> 21h19 GMT [Morocco, UK..]
> 22h19 [France, Belgium…]
> 23h19 [Egypt, Middle East…]

– Video:

Source; / SamiraDaily Team.