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Samira in a Music Show this Saturday on 2M TV! [Video]

2M Channel

2M Channel

The program of the Moroccan channel 2M, ‘Sahran Maak Aleyla’ where Samira was for the record few months ago, will be aired this Saturday 07 March 2009.
The Promotion is now aired on the Channel and in it we can see Samira in the songs ‘Awaam Keda’ and ‘El fadl Yergaalak’.
That’s the first TV- Music Show for Samira Said in the promotion of the new album ‘Ayaam Hayati’!

> 21h19 GMT [Morocco, UK..]
> 22h19 [France, Belgium…]
> 23h19 [Egypt, Middle East…]

– Video:

Source; / SamiraDaily Team.



  taha wrote @

itou, samira w h-kayne sahra nayda, mé boudarbala lla 3ala9a

  wadie wrote @

To be honnest!i ddint appreciate samira’s participation in this programm,she looked tired nd exhausted,the questions was stupid la nana que imad a ramene pour intervieuve samira cest une vraie tete a claque!shes damn nd too fake nd i dont know why she was calling samira all the time samira said!for godsake in morocco we call her samiraBENsaid,i think she lowered her standart by participating in this programm!she deserves better….

  taha wrote @

c’est vrai que samira mérite mieux que ça, je ne sais po mais cette première soirée c’était po un succès pour imad, il fallait bien préparer les questions parc q samira a bcp de choses à dire et son parcours est plein d’événements intéressants , en pluss j’aime pas la politique de ce nouveau directeur de 2m à nous imposer touts les anciens journalistes de 2m alors q’il y a des jeunnes qui peuvent faire mieux et peuvent préparer des questions intéressantes, vraiment il n’y avait aucun fil conducteur dans le récit du parcours de samira ni des critiques sur son dernier album ni rien du tt, et cette lina ”lla 3ala9a” , en plus la derniere question de imad c’était vraiment une question banale ” bahla” tout le monde que ça soit dans le sport au dans l’art cherche un sponsor puisque q’on parle d’une industrie qui coute les yeux de la tete et oser dire si c’est par un besoin alors ces gens ne vivent pas dans la meme époque que nous , les chaines doivent vraiment aider les artistes et doivent en meme temps profiter de leurs image pour augmenter le nombre de téléspectateurs et par conséquent les vendre aux annonceurs, un programme regardé par 1000 téléspectateurs ce n’est pas comme un autre regardé par des milliers et des milliers, la chaine crée aux annonceurs un moment propice pour que leurs produit trouve son chemin devant l’écran de milliers et de milliers de clients potentiels et ces annonceurs paient des fortunes pour ces mements

  abdel wrote @

what is important in this show are her songs and her looking she was really beautiful and younger more than ever.but 2m should have done it only with samira said

  mous wrote @

moi j’ai aimé cette soirée c’est vrai que samira said paraissait un peu fatiguée mais elle a assurée, bref c’est un jolie moment, merci à notre diva.

  abdel wrote @

to wadie
i don’t see how you don’t apreciate her appearance but i agree with you that she looks tired in otherwords she looks sad may be because of the sickness of her mother and this is what i read i almassae during january when the program was recoreded
though she was very gorgeous as usaul

  wadie wrote @

To Abdel,
U got it all wrong man!! i said that i didnt appreciate her participation in the programm it self,the fact that they brought other”artists”with samira was not a good idea,knowing that the programm was trying to attract two DIFFRENT audience…but im big time with you when u said that she was gorgeous i definately agree with your opinion man :))

  Jaouad wrote @

السلام عليكم
أنا من عشاق سميرة سعيد بس هده المرة لبست توب مرتين في حفل في دبي و في الهرة في دوزيم و كدللك ملاحظة الماكياج مش حلو عليها ان تهتم بنفسها أكتر

  Faris wrote @

Hey guys, I think to follow with Jaouad’s comment on wardrobe. I wonder why Samira wore that golden dress twice, in Abu Dhabi and there. Also in two interviews in the summer one on Orbit and the other on Zoom she wore the same white shirt and suspenders, not sure if the pants were the same. What do you guys think about this?

Also, as much as I loved the show on 2M, I am very disappointed that she did not sing live. I don’t care if this is not the right show or she’s too tired, she had a band and back up singers who just faked everything. She needs to start singing live, she doesn’t have that many appearances anyway so why not make those limited ones special. Also, her lip synching, especially on “El Fadl Yerga’lak” which I love, was terrible! It was like she did not even know the words to her own song…I LOVE YOU SAMIRA SAID, BUT PLEASE SING LIVE!!!

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