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Samira Said was nice in Taratata!



Last Sunday Samira Said was the guest of the musical program ‘TARATATA’ with other artists Jannat, Talal Salama & Bashar.
She was very nice and she perform on the stage with a strongest voice and energy!
She sang ‘Allah ye sahelak’, ‘Youm wara youm’ with Bashar, ‘Aal bal’ with Jannat and a classical song of Oum Keltoum ‘Leila dana’ with Talal Salama & Jannat & ‘Daret el Ayam’.
Samira talking about the next music video, and that’s the song ‘Nefssy Atkalem’.

Here the videos;

Interview – Part 1

Interview – Part 2

Interview – Part 3

Live – Allah Ye Sahelak

Live – Youm Wara Youm

Live – Aal Bal

Live – Leila Dana

Live – Daret el Ayam


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Source; Dubai TV / Encoded by SamiraDaily.Com



  Rania wrote @

Hi everyone,
I’d like to thank the webmaster and all the fans for providing us with all Samira Said news. I heard there will be a rerun of the program tonight inshallah on dubai tv. Don’t miss it guyz

Rania Tanger

  hamza said wrote @

في منتهى الروعة

الف شكر على الفيديو

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