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Report II – Mawazine – 2009

Mawazine 2009

Mawazine 2009

It’s been 14 years that Samira Said haven’t showed in her home city festivals, her last participation in Mihrajan Ar-ribat after the launching of Kul di isha’aat (These are rumors). Samira Said fans who attended the concert and who watched it on TV have noticed how much she was touched by love and joy of the audience.
Friday, May 22nd 2009 is a day that Samira Said genuine fans, and she, will never forget! It was simply perfect regarding all technical sides: very, very high sound quality, a typical performance of the orchestra Al Judoor by Moustafa Regragui, a great harmony between Samira Said voice and the choral whom some of them are music teachers in the conservatoire. But the amazing surprise of the concert: is an Award presented by a great sister and friend from S.S Fan Club: Nouhad Ait Ali, to her idol Samira Said, in the name of all Samira Said fans in the world, as the BEST ARTIST OF 2009, with the Official Logo of Samira was deeply touched by this award and announced that this is the Best Award she has received in her career.
Samira sang diverse songs of her repertoire: old and new.

  • Youm wara youm  [2001]
  • Awam keda [2008]
  • El Fadl Yerga’alak [2008]
  • Ah Bahebak [2000]
  • Mestahmelak ana [2008]
  • Omri Ma’seebak [2000]
  • Maghlouba (Waadi) [1973]
  • Kitr El Kalam [1984]
  • Al Gani Baad Youmein [1986]
  • Hob May’ous Menno [2008]
  • Albaal [1998]
  • Ma Khalas [2004]
  • A Bent Bladi [Moroccan folk]
  • Ya Habib Al Qalb [Moroccan folk]
> Here videos of a special report made by SamiraDaily Team, with Press Conference, some parts of the live performance and with the special  award made by fans for the diva!
Part 1
Part 2
Source; Zakaria & Rania / SamiraDaily Team.

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