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Samira Said @ M’DIQ – Review!

M'diq 2009
M’diq 2009

Samira Said was the July 31th @ M’DIQ , Tetouan in Morocco for a mini concert between others artists, Hasna Al Maghrabiya and Fnaire.

She sang  45 minutes some songs from her musical repertory like, ‘Aal bal’,’Youm wara youm’, ‘Allah yesahelak’, ‘Belsalama’, ‘Maghlouba – Waady’ …

Some Photos;

Live in M'diq
Live in M’diq
After the concert

After the concert

After the Concert

After the Concert


Maghlouba (Waady) by Phone Cam

Source; Bilal M. from Tetouan / Khalid F. from Marrakech – SamiraDaily Team.


PARODY; Saida Samir!

Saida Samir!

Saida Samir!

Yesterday on an Egyptian Channel ‘Moga TV’ :there were a parody of Samira Said interview on ORBIT tv (aired the 4 september 2008 and presented by Amr Adib). Samira Said in the show became Saida Samir, a talented male comedian dressing as Samira’s style and performed in acapella ’Al gani baad youmeyn’, ‘Howa tayeb Maaki’, ‘Youm wara youm’, ‘Baad el Raheel’, ‘Ehki ya Shahrazad’ and ‘Bashta’lak saat’ in a funny video clip.


Part 1

Part 2

From Moga Tv / SamiraDaily Team.